Whitney Wolfe’s Experience Makes Bumble Better and Other Companies Don’t Like It

When Whitney Wolfe started Bumble, she wanted something that was better than all the other dating apps. She wanted people to try things on their own and wanted women to have the best of the dating world. Instead of having to fend off people who were sending unsolicited messages, women could focus on what they really want. Whitney Wolfe gave them the chance to do that through Bumble. On the app, women have to be the one to make the first move. If they’re looking for a partner, it puts the power in their hands and allows them to really try something new.

Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder for a short time. She liked the idea of the app, but she knew it wasn’t the right thing for people to find love. She wanted to do something different or add other features to it, but it just wasn’t feasible in her position. Instead of trying a lost cause, she simply started her own business. Bumble was her answer to the problems that came from dating in an online world. She wanted something that was genuine, something that gave back and something women would know how to help others through the things they were doing with the app.

Since the app was so great at the things it set out to do, more people started working with it. Now, the app has Bumble BFF. The BFF app is the answer to too many women not having time to find a best friend or any friend they can hang out with. It’s like the dating app for friends who are looking for someone they can make a valuable connection with. Whitney Wolfe wants the dating app world to turn into social dating where people can find lovers, friends and everything else they need on one platform.

Part of the problems that come with success is jealousy from other companies. Tinder didn’t like to see another business be as successful as it and that’s why Match, Tinder’s parent company, is suing Whitney Wolfe. They think Bumble is too much like the apps they have, but they’re missing the point of what Whitney Wolfe was doing with the company. She wanted Bumble to be different and that was the problem with the lawsuit. It isn’t going to stand up in court because Whitney Wolfe did everything in her power to make Bumble a truly different case for people who need a good app.