Why Securus Technologies Leveling Playing Field

My job working as a corrections officer has become more dangerous as the years pass. In recent years I could expect to safely make my way through the day inside the jail, but today I don’t feel that secure anymore. The inmates are literally packed in our jail to capacity, and cutbacks have trimmed my staff to only a few, part of the reason officers are fearing their jobs lately.


In order to try and keep the peace, me any my officers will go to great lengths to show inmates respect, but it is a whole different society these days. The huge increase in gang members in jail and poor living conditions have them lashing out and me and my team as a show of rebellion. Many younger inmates will often try to hurt and officer to prove to the seasons criminals they have what it takes.


When we sat down with Securus Technologies and discussed their monitoring system, we knew we finally had a chance to level the playing field inside our prison. The company created a telephone call monitor that can do the work of a team of corrections officers, allowing my team to get back on the front line and allow the software to work in the shadows.


Securus Technologies has this system fighting crime in thousands of jails in the country and one thousand employees committed to making our lives safer. If the alert comes down to my team an inmate is using drugs, trying to get drugs smuggled into the jail, planning a fight, or discussing contraband in any way, the LBS software gives us the chance to take action long before the incident takes place.


Thanks to the software and the support at Securus Technologies, we have been able to reduce violent episodes in our jail and increase our presence throughout.